Boisetopia is an independent blog whose purpose lies in the discussion of economic and urban development news as well as discussion of ideas on making our fast-growing city of Boise, Idaho a better place to live.

Using 3D technology and greatly expanding upon the Capital City Development Corporation’s (CCDC) virtual model to produce the most comprehensive, photorealistic model of downtown Boise ever, the intent of Boisetopia is to spark conversation, offer enticing visuals, give people a good feel for where we’re going as a city, and engage citizens to be a part of this amazing story that is our city.

All content here is created, written, and edited by me, Anthony Harding. Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, I’m a Design student at Boise State University who is deeply passionate about his hometown and home state. I feel a duty to give back to the place I consider to be a big reason for why I am the way I am.

Please feel free to ask questions, offer comments, and enjoy yourself on this website!


Anthony Harding

Founder & Editor

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