Capital II Tower

Last updated April 22nd, 2014



Municipality: Boise
Downtown (Westside)
 Mixed-Use Office Building
Floors: 12
Status: Inactive
Total Space: 135,000 Sq Ft
Architect/Design Firm(s): COLAB, CSHQA

Notes: One Capital Center, completed in 1975, is a familiar building to many Boiseans. Plans have existed since the 1970s to build a second building called Two Capital Center on the surface lot just southwest of what’s now Angell’s Bar & Grill. An Idaho State Journal article dated July 22nd, 1977 reveals that a formal proposal for Two Capital Center was expected to be announced with likely tenants being Ore-Ida (Headquarters) and the H. J. Heinz Company (Regional Headquarters). Obviously these plans never panned out as the parcel is still a surface parking lot.

In 2009, brand new renderings of Two Capital Center (dubbed “Capital Tower II,” and later “Capital II Tower”) were revealed on the COLAB Architecture’s website. Because of the lack of new information, I listed this project as “Inactive.”


COLAB Architecture Post on Capital II Tower (COLAB Architecture)

Additional Renderings:


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