Vision for a Creationist Natural History Museum in Boise

Here’s a new one I hadn’t seen until today:

Link: Northwest Science Museum


Northwest Science Museum will present a ―Natural History museum from both Biblical and Naturalistic (evolutionary) points of view. The Museum will display similar exhibits as other well known natural history museums throughout the world. With an evolutionary and Biblical explanation for the exhibits, visitors can then make an informed decision about origins. Providing relevant and current creation science information to the public is what Northwest Science Museum is all about. The Museum will create permanent exhibits that will educate people of all ages about the most exciting emerging creation science in an accessible and interactive manner.


Northwest Science Museum will be located in the Treasure Valley in Idaho. Boise, Idaho‘s state capital and the third largest city in the Northwest, is located within the Treasure Valley. Boise is the gateway to the Pacific Northwest allowing market access to 66 million consumers within a 750 mile radius.

Out of respect to the developers and visionaries, I’ll cover this like any development and will include it in the Development Index.

But I have to say it:

After going through the website and all the materials I’m in no way convinced that they’re really interested in representing both points of view in a truly neutral, unbiased manner. Instead it appears to be a museum designed to convert you. I have no ill feelings whatsoever toward folks who are Christian and deeply involved in their church (or any other organized religion), but this museum seems rather deceptive and designed to take advantage of people (especially kids) under the disguise of “science” and “education.” It seems fundamentally disrespectful not just to science, but to Christianity itself.

If it was a museum totally devoted to fostering understanding of the history, texts, art, etc. that encompass Christianity and Creationism in the United States, I’d say that could be interesting, insightful, and worth visiting. That could even be something I’d donate to.

But that they claim to represent “both sides” (as if there’s only two sides); that they brand it a “science museum” when the building is specifically designed to like Noah’s Ark; that they’re trying to suck kids in with exciting imagery like Woolly Mammoths and Dinosaurs, with the pretty obvious but unspoken goal of converting them is pretty offensive to me.

That’s just my two cents. What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Vision for a Creationist Natural History Museum in Boise

  1. Killa B

    I must be the only one to see it this way, but why can’t creationism and evolution coexist? Because the two groups of people would have nothing to argue about. It is a rational way of looking at it. I believe in creation, but I believe that God also created species that could adapt to their surroundings (which is the key point in evolution). If they were to present history with that view, I’d definitely visit. But, as you said, it seems from their website that their real intent is to convert visitors to Christianity.

    1. BoiseFan

      You are not alone in your view and I don’t see anything wrong with a development like this or sharing Christian views. I have read some comments in the other forum and I’m a little surprised by them. In the skyscraper forum I hope it stays focused on development and not an attack on any religion. These forums, maybe not this blog, should bring us together and not open doors for divisive comments.

  2. Brian

    This is astonishingly stupid. There are not two sides to the issue of how species arrived in their present state. 99.9 percent of scientists accept evolution as fact and chuckle at the thought of anything else, as creation (the type of ultra-literal creation these folks are endorsing) flies in the face of every scientific principle known to man.

    If you believe God created the earth and sparked evolution, that’s totally acceptable. But if you believe God created the earth in its current form in seven 24-hour days, your beliefs cannot and will not ever fit with scientific thinking. They are more akin to a comic book or fantasy movie.

  3. UpsetAppleCart Man

    Whose brand of “Creationism” will be in charge of this “Museum”? Will it be Christian-ism, Muslim-ism, Buddhism, Marx-ism, Chauvinism, pluralism, Mormonism, Catholic-ism, Sunni-ism, Shia-ism, Monotheism, Fire-worship-ism, Orthodox-ism, Universe-ism (the most fruitful-ism known to human-ism), Black-ism, White-ism, yellow-ism, etc., et., e., …………

    The key is to round up all the Ism-ites, choose a Board of 13 by secret ballot, supply them with wine (or consecrated water) as a sacrament, lock them up for 30 days with bread and water/wine) with the mandate to choose the how, where and why of their favorite-ism. At the end of this give them all 13 servings of “wings” and a coke. And best of luck to Boise. Now – on to Environmental-ism.

  4. Speechless!

    I just followed your link to the “Northwest Science Museum” and, I must say, I am totally flabbergasted and offended by their attempt to pass off creationism in a scientific manner. I am left completely speechless!

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