Shifting of Focus

I’m going to put commentary on a slight hiatus for the summer; shifting the focus instead on posting news, maintaining the Development Index and building the framework of the website. 

Boisetopia is still new. It’s the first blog I’ve ever attempted and I’m still learning and getting the feel for how best to operate it. There’s lots of things you just don’t anticipate until you actually get something like this going.

I’ll still write my opinions from time to time, but I’m definitely scrapping the 2-3 opinion articles a week schedule. I just can’t maintain that with my summer calendar… After 9-10 hour workdays, sleeping and eating, I just don’t have a whole lot of time and energy left over to write the kind of polished, informed commentary that I think you, the readers, deserve. If I tried, my articles would be full of fluff and not worth your time. I’d rather write one really great, thoughtful article once every couple of weeks instead of 4-5 really half-assed articles in the same time frame.

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