Alaska Airlines Adds Additional Seattle Nonstop for 2015


Busy day for aviation news, two new additions in just 24 hours. In addition to the United news, Alaska Airlines is adding an additional daily nonstop flight between Boise and Seattle, WA, to be operated by Horizon Air, beginning March, 2015. The flight is now bookable through, with a schedule as follows:

BOI-SEA (heh heh, Boi-Sea, Boise.. get it? I’ll get my coat)

AS 2263; Dept: 0640, Arrive: 0725; Bombardier Q400
AS 2003; Dept: 0800, Arrive: 0845; Bombardier Q400*
AS 2391; Dept: 0920, Arrive: 1000; Bombardier Q400
AS 2245; Dept: 1100, Arrive: 1138; Bombardier Q400
AS 2167; Dept: 1410, Arrive: 1445; Bombardier Q400
AS 2133; Dept: 1515, Arrive: 1554; Bombardier Q400
AS 2247; Dept: 1710, Arrive: 1750; Bombardier Q400
AS 2535; Dept: 1930, Arrive: 2010; Bombardier Q400
AS 2399; Dept: 2105, Arrive: 2145; Bombardier Q400


AS 2136; Dept: 0710, Arrive: 0935; Bombardier Q400
AS 2144; Dept: 0800, Arrive: 1025; Bombardier Q400
AS 2390; Dept: 1010, Arrive: 1235; Bombardier Q400
AS 2148; Dept: 1215, Arrive: 1440; Bombardier Q400
AS 2426; Dept: 1415, Arrive: 1640; Bombardier Q400
AS 2140; Dept: 1635, Arrive: 1859; Bombardier Q400
AS 2366; Dept: 1855, Arrive: 2119; Bombardier Q400
AS 2004; Dept: 2000, Arrive: 2225; Bombardier Q400*
AS 2268; Dept: 2135, Arrive: 2359; Bombardier Q400

*New Flight

As of the current schedule, Alaska typically operates this route 8x daily during the Fall-Winter-Spring, and 9x daily during the Summer. With this addition, we could be looking at 9x daily in the F-W-S, and 10x daily in the Summer. However, because this change is so far out the schedules could look quite a bit different by the time we actually get to 2015.

Since last week, Delta added new nonstop service between Seattle and Spokane, Calgary, Bozeman, San Jose Del Cabo, and Maui further adding to their rapid Seattle expansion. Boise is now one of the heaviest trafficked routes out of Seattle that Delta doesn’t currently operate or have plans to operate. I’m inclined to believe this new service is to dissuade Delta from adding service, though I think it’s only a matter of time now before Delta jumps into the Seattle-Boise market.

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