Development Index is Now Online!


My apologies for the lack of updates this week. I really wanted to get the Development Index up and running by Tuesday but there were some snags along the way. It’s mostly good to go now. By the end of the week each project should have its own page.

And more additions are on the way!

Check out the index by clicking on the image below or the “Development Index” menu option above!


5 thoughts on “Development Index is Now Online!

  1. Daniel West

    Wow! This index is great Anthony! Very organized and easy to use. I will be checking in consistently to see if there’s been any updates. With the projects being done in the next 1-3 years, I can already see how great downtown Boise is going to look.

    I would enjoy receiving weekly email updates on what changes have happened in the index list, and your most recent articles if that’s a possible down the road :)

  2. Brett Mortensen

    Hi Anthony,

    Great site! Could you post perspectives from the grove with the new buildings Gardner company plans to build there? I feel like the grove will be forever boxed in. The connection to the Basque block will be a narrow alley. You’re 3D model could give us some perspective before it’s built.

    Plus I’ll miss all those beautifull big trees around the US Bank building being cut down.


  3. Sean G.

    You did an excellent job with putting this list together Anthony! I’m looking forward to more of your informed posts.

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