A Photorealistic Look at Downtown Boise 2016

WARNING: Renderings ahead!

Last week I gave you a colorful graphic showing downtown Boise in 2016. Today I offer a more photorealistic glimpse into the future. 

Let’s start with JUMP!

This four-block construction project that currently looks like the world’s largest jungle gym will ultimately look like this:

(Phase I)



(Phase II)JUMP2boisetopia


In it will be a massive $70 million creative center with studio space and classrooms, while the building in the second picture will house the consolidated headquarters for the Simplot Co.

Using my 3D model of the fully-built JUMP complex, I crafted a before/after image showing the parcel in Summer 2012 vs. Summer 2016.

Summer 2012:


Summer 2016:


– –

Earlier this week I did an article on the Gardner Co.’s new City Center Plaza. In this rendering, you can see both of them together:


– –

Just to break up the visual consistency of this post, here’s a BEAUTIFUL shot of downtown Boise, taken only 2-3 years ago, courtesy Build Idaho.

For fun, open this image in another tab, and side-by-side compare this shot to the above and below renderings.

– –

You might have caught word of this 6-story mixed use project slated for 119 N. 10th Street which could eventually include a renovation of the existing 4-story John Alden Building:

(Really dig the look of this project. Great scale, great design, great location… it should breathe some life into what’s currently a surface parking lot)

– –

I haven’t modeled the John Alden renovation yet, but I model a simplified version of the new building, seen here with JUMP. Looking North:


– –

Looking South-Southeast (Note the additions to Lusk St. neighborhood)


– –

Looking West down Front St.


– –

Finally, comparing it all, Summer 2012 vs. Summer 2016.

Summer 2012:



– –

Summer 2016:


7 thoughts on “A Photorealistic Look at Downtown Boise 2016

  1. Dave Harris

    Excellent work on this post. I love the renderings. I find it difficult to imagine what JUMP will look like based on the current construction. One of the impressive attributes of your renderings is how they show JUMP in context of the surrounding buildings.

    I’ve heard about the slide. I assume that spiral thing on the garage is the slide??? I wonder if that will actually happen? Will there be liability/safety issues? If they do build it, that would another fantastic/unique feature of our downtown.

  2. Jared M

    I can’t get enough of the renderings in this article. Great work! I am especially excited about the 119 10th building. Smaller projects like this are really going to add to downtown’s urban feel.


    Should do a rendering of the new hotel being planned at the Dorseys Music are and the one across the street from it.

  4. Scuba Steve

    The third image (summer 2012) shows the city center plaza, which is of course wrong, i hope big errors like this are avoided during construction.

  5. Urban Buff

    Your renderings are impressive. Do you plan on starting up work on Boisetopia anytime soon again?


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