Everyday Tourist: Boise vs. Calgary

Now here’s a very fun afternoon read. Calgarian Richard White of the Everyday Tourist visits Boise and compares the two cities.

Everyday Tourist: Boise vs. Calgary

Boise and Calgary seem cut from the same cloth. Both have gorgeous natural surroundings, rodeos and stampedes, floatable rivers, slopes you can ski… To keep things interesting, the Calgary metro area–at roughly 1.3 million people–is about twice the size of Boise. But it’s very impressive-looking city. I mean look at this!

Calgary Skyline & Sensational Sunset (Explore # 4 March 4th 2014)

(Photo by Dave Smith)

That’s a metropolitan area only a little bit larger than Birmingham, AL!

3 thoughts on “Everyday Tourist: Boise vs. Calgary

  1. Marf

    Wow, talk about coincidence. When I saw this I was in a voice chat with an online friend that lives in Calgary, I live here in Boise. It’s biased toward Boise, but still interesting.

    1. Anthony Harding Post author

      Thanks for your comment Marf! I’ll have to do an article in the reverse… Calgary from a Boisean’s perspective. Should be fun!

  2. Alex

    I’ve always felt that Boise is a pretty unique place. It was cool to see someone from out of town point out some of Boise’s highlights that I often overlook!

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